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Case Study 1: Talent Development

Company Profile: Multi-National Company(MNC) in Ship building & Heavy Engineering
Locality: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Industry: Marine Engineering | Pre-Fabrication
Products and Services: Offshore Construction | Offshore Conversion | Ship Repair
Staff Count: 4,000+

Our Challenges

  1. Requirement to Ascertain the Skill Adequacy of Technical Supervisors Accurately, Efficiently and Quickly
  2. There is a known skills gaps amongst employees against Industry standards

The Solution Implemented

  1. We conducted Skills Gap Assessment that includes over 60 parameters
  2. Performed Industry and Internal Skills Benchmarking
  3. Conducted specific Training for 7 technical disciplines
  4. Strategised a continuous follow up for Assessments and Trainings as well as succession planning

The Result

Within a period of 6 months after implementation of above solutions, there was a 10% improvement in overall skills that resulted in increased productivity and output.